Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How did I end up 47 and no retirement? Also no Job!

I started working after my first child was born. I was a waitress for a small restaurant in Courtland, Alabama. It was owned by the Mayor.  My husband was a truck driver. I really enjoyed working.  Only made $2.02 an hour,  It was while I was working there ( The Bread Box) that I found out my husband started going out on me. It was something I didn't think would ever happen.  So any way, I thought I would go out on him also. I thought if he can do it I will too.  My husband and me made up and he said that it would never happen again. So while we were getting alone really good so I thought, found out he was still going out on me so I starting dating and became pregnant again. I had her and yes she did belong to my husband. a couple of years went by and He an I fell back in the routine of going out on each other and finally we divorced and while I was trying to work (2.02 an hour) I Then  found my self preganent again, the father of this baby was 5 years younger than me.  Scared and all alone. Trying to raise two toddlers and no child support. I didn't tell anyone that I was pregnant except a friend and she drove me to the clinic where I had an abortion. I did believe ot was best for me and my kids at the time.
Just so you know it was the worst experience I had ever had.